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Home Decor

Selection of Home decor products available:

Antique Reproductions
Area Rugs
Candles (Wax, Soy & Battery Operated)
Decorative Accents
Mirrors & Wall Art
Outdoor Accents
Pillows & Throws
Quilts & Shams

 - Home Decor

Wall Art Companies:


Sight, Smell, Sound, Taste and Touch. At Lockside Trading Company we involve all five senses while adding to your perfect home décor. Sight; we have a great selection of wall art, clocks & mirrors. Smell; scented candles and potpourri come to mind but don’t forget our freshly baked cookies! Sound; we have an incredible selection of music playing in the store, and we only play what we sell. Taste; our gourmet dressings, dips & mixes are irresistible, and we give out samples too! Touch; the best sense for comfort whether it’s a new outfit, a new sofa, or a new area rug under foot! Remember Lockside Trading for your home décorating needs, we’ll help you create an atmosphere that you and your family deserve.