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Posted by LS TC on

Friday Night, Working from home? 

When did I become this person? 

Kids in bed and the first thing I do is pour a glass of wine, open the laptop and spread my files all over the dining room table.  Never did I think I would be this person, so why is this happening now?

Its because I wanted to.

Its because I don't want to stop working until my clients are happy.

It's because our job here is our customers, our clients, and our suppliers.

Our store is the link to sharing that lifestyle with others and hoping that they love it as much as we do.

Everyday I meet someone new - I introduce them to our world here and enjoy seeing them become repeat customers from there on in, bringing their friends and family to show them the new lifestyle they have chosen - their favorite place.  The fact that I get paid to do this, Is why I'm working from home tonight.  I also know that I'm not the only one from Lockside working from home, many others before me have adopted drive,  the dedication that makes Lockside tick!

I'm working from home tonight because Lockside is more then a store,"its a lifestyle" hahahaha -- and I'm not just saying that because It's one of our slogans or a jingle on the radio- its a reality - and Im living proof. 

Working from Home of a Friday Night because I wanted to.

Because I love what I do. Because I am Lockside.



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